The slogan for The Japan Festival has been decided.

The slogan for this year’s festival

Do you know this kanji character 「和」?

It is pronounced as “Wa” and there are several meanings for the「和」like as following:

A peaceful unity
Get along well together
Respect/Cooperate with each other
Feel calm and relieved

As you can see,”Wa” has more than one meaning,

and changes its meaning depending on how it is used.

Since ancient times, Japanese have been cherishing this spirit.

The slogan expresses these thoughts.

We want to make Dubai smile with the spirit of “Wa “.

If we join hands in ”Wa”, we can connect and smile with our neighbours.

Please join us for a Japanese festival with a sense of “Wa”.

Let’s enjoy the Japan Festival together!

Information about the Japan Festival is also updated on our official Instagram as it becomes available.