【GAMES Information】🎯Sado-Japanese Tea Ceremony 🎯

 🎯Sado-Japanese Tea Ceremony 🎯


Duration : 40 minutes for each session

Location/Method:Face to Face

Details:Way of making tea in the Tea Ceremony  is marked by four principles Harmony (WA), Respect (KEI), Purity (SEI), Tranquility (JAKU). In the tea ceremony, every movement, every step, and every moment  is precisely defined. Our motto is “Peacefulness through a bowl of Tea” 

Hope we will have peacefulness in Dubai which is a city with people from all over the world.


Mariko Dedousi:  [email protected]

Aivera Muratova: [email protected]


The workshop will be based on hands-on technique supported by theoretical knowledge

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